World Missions: Tanzania

Prof. Anthony Patitu, young Madiba and Dr. C. Patitu- Tanzania

Our Farewell party for the Patitu family, after living on two continents and traveling across the US, they are returning to Ohio to be near their family.


In 2011 Brother Anthony returned to Tanzania for a family funeral. While there, he delivered our gift to his local Church which provided seating for the congregation. We received video and photo records of that special occasion. To God be the Glory!!

New Tribes Missionaries Jason & Toni

Ella Jo, Toni, Jedidiah & Jason Stuart in Papua New Guinea with friends.

National Recovery Missions: Drugs, Alcohol and all Addictions

Western Michigan Teen Challenge - CHRIST based recovery is here.

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Are you or a loved one struggling with an addiction? Do you need a low-cost inpatient treatment facility that really works? Well, God has provided an answer for you, WMTC is a Christian based recovery center for anyone who needs help and is willing to LET CHRIST guide them.


Teen Challenge of Western Michigan is the answer, don't let the name mislead you, it is for EVERYONE who needs help. Get help today, just click HERE 



Yes, there is Hope. To find an AA Support Group near you click here

Inspiring Stories

"My recreational drug use had turned into a full-blown addiction. It was only through the AA Support Group of North Avenue MB Church that I was able to kick the habit and get my life back. Their non-judgmental approach really made all the difference. Thank you!"

"After losing my health I thought I would never be able to keep going. It hurt my pride and my self-confidence, I was about to give up. North Avenue MB Church's assistance helped me with low cost residency, which included my monthly bills. They were also instrumental in finding a vehicle so I could go to employment agencies. I am on my feet again, thanks to North Avenue MB Church."