Our Work

North Avenue MB Church works diligently to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities in which we live.


North Avenue MB Church now provides increased support and training. We have also become more involved with financial workshops to help people learn how they can better manage their finances and avoid going into serious debt. If you are unable to visit us why not take the class online. 


We also teach:

1. Christian Discipleship

2. Thru the Bible in one year

3. God's Precious Promises

4. Men of the Bible

5. Women of the Bible

6. Great Characters of the Bible

7. So, you're a Christian, NOW What?

8. 5-Steps to Financial Freedom

9. Preparing for Marriage

10. 11 Reasons Families Succeed

11. The Quest

12. The Bait of Satan- Our summer selection for the Church.


Discovering Church Membership

Is a complete 7-course program designed to provide you the tools needed to become a mature Christian.

This class is taught by Pastor Burch or Minister Bailey. 2-4 hours for each section.  

We have been involved in many projects over the years, we invite you to learn how you can serve your community by fellowing with North Avenue MB Church.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to be constantly in emotional turmoil?

Would you like to become more grounded in your faith? Then why not take a Quest?


The Quest helps us weather the storms of life because life is a never-ending series of choices and the consequences of those choices. We must be firmly grounded in God's Word so we will recognize anything contrary to His Word and His promises for your life.


But recognition is only the first step on our quest to developing an unshakable faith that will not only withstand, but will actually calm the storms in our life. In order for us to develop this kind of faith, we must first truly understand Who God is, Who Jesus is, Who the Holy Spirit is, and their role as the Authors and Finishers of our faith.


"The Bait of Satan"- by John Bevere/our summer book study

Have you been ensnared by bitterness or held captive by resentment because someone has offended you?


Brother Bevere shows us how to escape Satan's trap, avoid a victim's mentality, practice forgiveness, experience true reconciliation thru Christ and remain free in Christ. 


To read an overview of "The Bait of Satan" select Here



To study this book FREE Online select Here



To purchase a copy of "The Bait of Satan" and support John's Ministry select Here


"The Bait of Satan" is available as a CD, MP3, DVD, paperback and even a digital download file. (Study guide, Devotional & Curriculum are available)



Won't you join us as we examine the bait that satan uses to entrap us?Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm, each week. Teacher: Pastor Burch


Please support John & Lisa Bevere by purchasing directly from their Website. You will find many other resources there and the best prices anywhere, be blessed and live free from offences.