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The American-African Family is at risk of becoming an Endangered Species in America.


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* Did you know that 72% of our children have no fathers in their home?

* Were you aware that nearly 60% of todays inmates are illiterate or

* that drugs were dumped into our cummunities to make money or

* how about the pipeline from preschool to prison? Ignorance is not bliss!!!


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In the Bible we are taught that GOD created the first man and woman, their names were Adam and Eve.


Do you believe what the Bible teaches? Did you say yes? That's great, but did you know they were Africans?


In 2004 a group of geneticist revealed this discovery and it was aired thru PBS-USA. The overwhelming negative reaction forced the show off the air.




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In 2009, United Kingdom researchers examined the evidence, confirmed it and created  a 5- part series called “The Incredible Human Journey: Out of Africa” to re-introduce the FACTS to the world.


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Malachi Dads, do you have what it takes?

5- Love languages

One of the geatest challenges of parenting is to make sure your child feels loved and supported. Todays childs needs more than an "you know I love you" This book will empower you to learn your childs "love language" which will make your tast much easier.


5- love languages of Children Click here to sample


Does your wife feel loved? Has she ever complained that you love the kids, TV, football or your car more than her? Maybe you are trying to show your love but unable to meet the mark.  Gary Chapman have discovered that based on our individual backgrounds we make be speaking a foreign language to our spouses. He offers help as he teaches us the different languages of Love.


5- Love languages for adults Click here for a sample. 

When was the last time music made you think about your family?

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